3 Of the UK’s Oldest Buildings You Have to See

Many people choose to vacation in the UK because of its fantastically varied history and the artifacts, monuments, and buildings that reflect this. From the impressive stone structure of Stone Henge to some of the most intricate, detailed jewels in the British Museum, there is a whole host of amazing history to be discovered across the UK. This article will introduce you to three of the UK’s oldest buildings which you must visit, with a definition of the building as a human-made structure with a roof designed to shelter people, animals, or valuables.

The Roman Pharos, Kent

This Roman lighthouse, also found in the South Eastern county of Kent, is over two thousand years old! It is part of the Dover Castle complex, so while you do need to pay to get up close and personal with the lighthouse, you certainly get good value with access to multiple historical sites.

St Martin’s Church, Canterbury, Kent

Tucked away in the South East of England is this charming church, which dates back all the way to the 7th century and the dawn of Christianity in the UK! The church is home to several remarkable artifacts and objects, including a stunning font thought to date to the medieval period.

Wroxeter, Shropshire

While most of the buildings at this Roman site now lack roof coverings, the impressive foundations give you a sense of the scale—this city was once the fourth largest in the UK! The town was inhabited for around six hundred years, so plenty of fascinating archaeological material has been discovered at Wroxeter over the years.

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