4 Bizarre Historical Facts You Won’t Believe Are True

History is full of stories and accounts that are too far-fetched to be true. But sometimes, as unbelievable as those stories might seem, there is plenty of evidence indicating that they are not made up. It’s the same case with these bizarre historical facts that you won’t believe are true, but they definitely are.

Ketchup Used to Be Considered a Medicine

If anybody scolds you for putting too much ketchup on your fries, just tell them you are using medicine, and to a degree, you won’t be wrong. Ketchup originated back in the early 19th century and was actually considered a medicine for an upset stomach. Only decades later did it become a condiment.

Abraham Lincoln Won 300 Wrestling Matches

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame? And it isn’t just because he’s one of the most famous U.S. Presidents. Lincoln was a successful wrestler before becoming president. He apparently won around 300 wrestling matches and had just one loss during his career.

Athletes at the Ancient Olympics Competed Nude

During the Ancient Olympics, athletes actually competed nude. They believed they were honoring the Greek God Zeus by showing him their physique. However, this only included athletes competing in non-equestrian disciplines.

Ancient Romans Used Urine as Mouthwash

Gross, we know, but there are some things that we do today that Ancient Romans would consider gross. Urine has a high content of ammonia, a chemical compound that can serve as a cleaning agent. At one point, the use of urine as a mouthwash became so widespread that people started trading it.

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