4 Facts About Sparta That Will Surprise You

Sparta was a unique city-state in Ancient Greece thanks to its unique social system that put great focus on the military. Almost everything in Sparta revolved around making its citizens better warriors and advancing its military power. But there are plenty of other things about Sparta that will surprise you.

Sparta Had Two Kings

Sparta had two kings that ruled the state at the same time. The story goes that King Aristodemus had twin sons, Eurysthenes and Procles, and that the Spartan people didn’t want to choose just one of them to succeed their father. Instead, they crowned them both as kings, establishing two royal lines.

Sparta Was Famous for its Music

Music was quite important in Sparta. They had musical contests, welcomed traveling musicians, and even headed into battle while accompanied by music.

Spartan Women Enjoyed More Freedom Compared to the Rest of Ancient Greece

Spartan women had more freedom than their counterparts in the rest of Ancient Greece. They took part in military training, received education, and were allowed to own properties. As a matter of fact, Cynisca, the first woman to win at the Ancient Olympics was Spartan. Cynisca won twice at the Olympics, fielding her own chariot race team.

Sparta Used Iron Spits as Currency

Unlike the rest of Ancient Greece, Sparta avoided using coins as currency. Instead, they used iron spits. The reason was to discourage theft and amassing wealth.

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