4 Interesting Facts About the Life of Leonardo Da Vinci

You probably know much about Leonardo Da Vinci’s art and works like Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. But if you want to learn more about the artist himself, we recommend scrolling below and checking out these interesting facts about Da Vinci’s life.

Da Vinci Studied Anatomy By Dissecting Human Bodies

Da Vinci’s works are notable for portraying human anatomy in great detail. One reason why he was able to do that is the fact that he carefully studied anatomy by dissecting human bodies. According to historical records, Da Vinci claimed he dissected at least 30 corpses over the course of his life.

Da Vinci Loved Animals

Da Vinci had a great appreciation for animals. His works contain discourses about the ethics of consuming animals, and there is a story about how he routinely bought birds from merchants so he could set them free. Some studies suggest that he was a vegetarian.

Da Vinci Was a Talented Musician

Da Vinci was not only an artist and inventor but also a talented musician. Several original compositions can be found in his notebooks, while his contemporaries testified that he had a beautiful voice. He was also able to play several musical instruments and would perform at events and gatherings.

Da Vinci Rarely Finished His Paintings

Da Vinci had a lot of interest, which was part of the reason why he rarely finished his paintings. He would often transition to something else while in the midst of creating a painting and never got around to completing it. Also, Da Vinci was a perfectionist and would often feel the need to make adjustments to his works.

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