4 Interesting Facts About the Life of Vincent van Gogh

Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh is now one of the most famous artists in history. But during his life, he was a struggling and unrecognized artist who managed to sell only one painting from around 900 he created. Continue reading to learn more interesting facts about van Gogh’s life.

Speaking His Mind Caused Van Gogh to Lose Art Dealer Job

At one point in his life, Van Gogh worked as an art dealer for the company Goupil & Cie. However, he was often dismissive of the artworks that passed through his hands and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind about their shortcomings. Eventually, his employers got tired of his attitude and fired him.

Van Gogh Wanted to Become a Pastor

Van Gogh was a deeply religious man in part thanks to the fact that his father and grandfather were ministers. He decided to take a similar path as a 25-year-old and wanted to become a pastor. However, he ended up failing the theology entry exam at the University of Amsterdam due to his dislike of Latin and later abandoned the idea completely.

Van Gogh Created More Than 2,000 Artworks in Just a Decade

It is believed that Van Gogh made his first artwork at the age of 27 and proceeded to create more than 2,000 paintings, drawings, and sketches until his death 10 years later. Additionally, most of his 900 oil paintings were created in the final two years of his life.

Van Gogh Severed His Ear After a Fight With a Fellow Artist

You probably know that Van Gogh severed his left ear. But do you know why? It turns out that Van Gogh got into a heated discussion with fellow artist Paul Gauguin, and two men engaged in a physical confrontation during which Van Gogh attacked Gauguin with a razor. Angry with himself for crossing the line, Van Gogh took the rage on himself by severing his ear.

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