New Frescoes of Mythological Characters Were Uncovered in Pompeii

Recent excavations in Pompeii, the city famously buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, have revealed stunning new frescoes that are causing a stir in the archaeological community. These artworks are now regarded as some of the finest examples of Roman fresco art ever uncovered.

The newly found frescoes adorn the high walls of a grand banquet hall. Interestingly, the hall itself was very dark in color. As described by the site director, Dr. Gabriel Zuchtriegel, this setting would have allowed the vivid paintings to stand out dramatically, almost as if coming to life in the flickering lamplight.

Among the key discoveries are two large frescoes that capture pivotal moments from Greek mythology. One depicts the moment when Apollo, the god of the arts and prophecy, attempts to seduce Cassandra, a priestess of Troy known for her beauty and tragic fate. 

Another fresco portrays the fateful encounter between Prince Paris of Troy and Helen of Troy, whose legendary beauty sparked the Trojan War. These depictions not only add to our understanding of Roman artistic techniques and aesthetic preferences, but also offer insights into the cultural and literary interests of Pompeii’s inhabitants.

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