Mindbending Facts About the Human Body

What’s particularly interesting about the human body is that it’s able to do everything that’s necessary in order to keep you alive and moving. Of course, this is no coincidence, given just how intricate our genetic makeups are. Here are some mind-bending facts about the human body that show just how wondrous it is.

You’re Born With All of the Bones You Need

While babies may be a lot more supple than adults, this isn’t because they lack bones and joints. In fact, we are all born with the exact number of bones we will have as adults. The fact of the matter is that a baby’s skeleton is made up mostly of cartilage, which turns into adult bone through a process called ossification.

Growth Never Stops

Although you may stop growing in height by the time you hit your twenties, there are some body parts that never stop growing for the rest of your life. Both your nose and your ears continue to grow, never halting for a second. It just so happens that this growth is incremental, making it barely noticeable over the short term.

The Central Computer

While we know that we need our brains to think, many of us don’t realize just how much effort this process takes. Although the brain is only 2% of your body weight, it uses 20% of your body’s oxygen and blood in order to operate.

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