Diner Booth From “The Sopranos” Finale Sold on eBay for $82K

If you watched the finale of the iconic TV series The Sopranos, you know it ends with Tony Soprano sitting with his family at a diner booth. Now, that same booth has been sold on eBay for $82,600.

The closing scene of The Sopranos was filmed at Holsten’s, family-owned diner in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Since the finale aired, fans have been drawn to the joint in order to get a glimpse of the dinner booth that might or may not have been the end of Tony Soprano, depending on how you interpret the ending.

Recently, Holsten’s decided to do a renovation of the place, meaning that the famous diner booth had to go. In an effort to offset the cost, co-owner Chris Carley decided to place the diner booth at an auction, hoping fans might want to own a piece of TV history. The interest ended up surpassing his expectations, as the bidding closed at $82,600.

“It’s just time to do it,” Carley told The New York Times. “It’s not something we took lightly.”

The person who won the auction will receive the diner booth and the table alongside a few extras like the divider and a plaque that says: “THIS BOOTH RESERVED FOR THE SOPRANO FAMILY.” The jukebox, which Tony Soprano uses to play Journey’s  “Don’t Stop Believin’” isn’t included as it was placed there by the crew and later taken away.

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