Eerie Missing Persons Cases That Were Solved After Years

Understandably, missing persons cases cause mass anxiety for the family and friends involved. Sadly, the longer such cases go unsolved, the less likely it is for a missing person to show up unharmed. Still, there are some exceptions. Here are some eerie missing persons cases where the person it concerned miraculously showed up years later.

Zephany Nurse

Born on April 28, 1997, in Cape Town, South Africa, Zephany Nurse was snatched from her hospital crib just two days after her birth. While her family desperately sought her, their efforts were unsuccessful. 17 years later, Zephany was living with her false parents when she came across a girl in her school who closely resembled her. After taking a DNA test, she learned her true identity and was reunited with her biological family.

Bowe Bergdahl

In 2009, U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl was abducted while on tour in Afghanistan. After years. he resurfaced as a prisoner of war, with the United States securing his release through a hostage deal in 2014. While a cause for celebration, the army was not thrilled to learn that Bergdahl was taken when he abandoned his post in order to visit another base, complaining about his superiors. He was demoted and received a dishonorable discharge as a result.

Elizabeth Smart

At the age of 14, Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her bed. Unbelievably, the culprits, Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Ileen Barzee, had appeared on America’s Most Wanted before the kidnapping. Two witnesses who recognized them from the show called the authorities, who arrested them and rescued Elizabeth.

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