Facts You May Not Have Known About Indigenous People

The earliest inhabitants of the land now known as the United States, the Indigenous People have a painful yet rich history, with many continuing to protect and promote their indigenous languages, customs, and cultures until today. Here are some intriguing facts that may shift the perception you have of Indigenous People.


While collectively known as Indigenous People, there are hundreds of tribes scattered across the nation. Naturally, each one has developed a unique identity. Today, there are over 300 Indigenous People’s languages in existence, however, many are in danger of going extinct if their heritage isn’t preserved.


Among Indigenous People’s many talents was their agricultural production. In fact, they have been so good at farming crops that it was estimated in 2016 that approximately 60% of the global food supply came from crops that originated in North America.

A Tragic Fate

It has been well-documented that Indigenous People and European settlers often did not see eye to eye. In 1830, tension between the two groups reached its peak, when President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act, forcing many tribes in the east to migrate to the western United States so as to allow colonialists to farm on their arid lands.

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