Full-Size Replica of the Colossus of Constantine Statue is Unveiled in Rome

In the 4th century BC, Roman emperor Constantine the Great commissioned a 40-foot-tall statue in his image to be built in Rome. The impressive statue has been destroyed at some point, but thanks to the effort of the non-profit organization Factum Foundation, we can at least see how it looked in its full glory.

In collaboration with the Capitoline Museum and Fondazione Prada, the Factum Foundation made a full-size replica of the Colossus of Constantine statue and displayed it in the Capitoline Museum’s garden. The statue is set to remain there for public viewing through 2025.

Experts believe that the Colossus of Constantine was initially destroyed at some point in Late Antiquity during the pillaging of its bronze parts. The remains of the statue were uncovered in the 15th century, but only 10 marble pieces survive to date.

Relying on historical research and records, opinions of experts, and the remaining pieces, Factum Foundation managed to create a 3D model of how the statue looked like when it was first built. This 3D model was used to create a faithful replica out of resin and polyurethane, among other materials.

“It’s through the evidence of those fragments, working rather like forensic scientists, with all the experts from different disciplines, we were able to build back something that is absolutely awe-inspiring,” Factum Foundation’s founder Adam Lowe told The New York Times.

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