Fun Facts About Vikings You Probably Didn’t Know

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Thanks to their unusual history and way of life, Vikings have always been an important part of pop culture. That appears to be especially the case in recent years as we are witnessing an increasing number of Viking-themed TV shows, movies, and video games. But despite this, there are still a lot of things that people don’t know about Vikings.

Vikings Bleached Their Hair

As surprising as this might sound, not all Vikings were blonde. However, they sure tried to be. To keep up with the beauty ideals of their people, Viking men and women used various techniques to bleach their hair.

Most Vikings Were Actually Farmers

It is easy to believe that all Vikings were raiding and pirating seafarers. However, the truth is that only a small number of them were dedicated to this life. The majority of Vikings were actually farmers who worked the land and raised cattle.

Vikings Never Had Horned Helmets

When most people think of Vikings, they think of horned helmets. And there is nothing wrong with that except the fact that Vikings never wore those kinds of helmets. This is actually a modern myth that somehow stuck around.

Skiing Was Beloved Activity for the Vikings

Vikings loved skiing and engaged in it as both recreation and a way to travel around. They even had a God of Skiing named Ullr.

Vikings Had a Great Sense of Hygiene

Considering all their pillaging, you would think that Vikings didn’t have much time to worry about hygiene. However, it was quite the opposite. They not only bathed at least once a week, which was a lot for that era, but also had various beauty tools like combs, razors, and ear cleaners.

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