Haunting Facts About the Cecil Hotel

Given its infamously tragic history, many locals in Los Angeles would look to avoid the creepy Cecil Hotel. While it may seem unassuming from the outside, this hotel’s chilling history would put off even the bravest of tourists. Here are some of the most haunting facts about the Cecil Hotel.

First Blood

Opening its doors in 1924, the Cecil Hotel only had to wait until January of 1927 to experience its first tragedy. A man named Percy Ormond Cook got into a dispute with his wife and child while staying at the Cecil Hotel. Unable to reconcile with them, he shockingly shot himself, succumbing to his wounds later that night.

Bad Luck Comes in Threes

In 1931, a man with the pseudonym “James Willys” checked into the hotel. Intriguingly, his real name was W.K. Norton; a Los Angeles local. Within a week at the Cecil, he swallowed a poisonous capsule to take his life. A third guest, Benjamin Dodich, shot himself in the head in 1932, leaving a horrifying sight for the maid in the morning.

Free Falling

In 1937, guests were shocked to learn that a woman named Grace Magro fell out of her hotel room window. If that wasn’t horrifying enough, she became enwrapped in telephone wires. Despite a thorough investigation, the authorities could not tell whether she had committed suicide or fallen by accident.

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