Intriguing Facts About Country Music to Change Your Perception of the Genre

According to Dolly Parton, country music will also be popular given its widespread appeal to ordinary people and lyrics that get in touch with human emotions. Still, not everything about this music genre is quite as straightforward as it seems. Here are some intriguing facts that may alter your perception of country music.

Ford Sponsored Genre

Unbelievably, Henry Ford was one of the biggest sponsors of country music when it began, often using his own money to fund fiddle contests and dances. Sadly, his interest was not really in advancing country music but rather in diminishing the popularity of jazz, which was largely home to black and Jewish musicians.

Finding Its Home

In the 1940s, Nashville, Tennessee became the home of country music. Intriguingly, this city took the title from Atlanta Georgia, and while Dallas, Texas threatened to take Nashville’s crown in the 1950s, Nashville retained its title. Grimly, the Texan city’s bid failed when recording giant Jim Beck died from inhalation of hydrochloride, which was used in the recording process.

New Roots

During the 1930s, some country musicians began experimenting with a range of new instruments and sounds, including blending ancient Celtic fiddles with modern country and jazz. This genre became known as bluegrass.

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