Intriguing Facts About World-Renown Artist Michelangelo

If there was one movement that forever changed the face of European art, it was the Italian Renaissance. One of the figures at the forefront of this movement was painter and sculptor Michelangelo. Best known for his works in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, here are some intriguing facts about Michelangelo.

A Man of Many Talents

In addition to being a painter and sculptor, Michelangelo was also a keen poet, writing an enormous volume of poems throughout his lifetime. Today, there are estimated to be between 350 and 500 poems of his that are still around for you to read.

The Strategist

Had he made different life choices, Michelangelo could have been a keen military mind. In 1527, when the ruling Medici family was expelled from Florence, Michelangelo was appointed director of the city’s fortifications. He created designs for the city walls, with the fortifications still standing today.


In 1553, Michelangelo got his assistant to write a biography about him. This was in response to a 1550 book that dedicated a chapter to Michelangelo’s life – which the artist himself did not enjoy. Still, this earned Michelangelo the title of being the first Western artist to publish a biography.

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