Life Facts About Legendary Soul Singer Nina Simone

From sultry hits such as “Feeling Good” to her showstopping live performances, Nina Simone continues to be remembered for her soulful music as well as her influence in the American Civil Rights Movement. Here are some of the interesting life facts about soul singer Nina Simone that prove why she continues to be a legend of American pop culture.

Injustice at Her Own Concert

When Simone was still a pre-teen, she starred in her first concert. But before she could begin playing her piano, Simone saw that her parents were being forced to sit at the back of the venue due to racial bias. The resolute musician decided not to play her music until her parents were allowed to sit in their deserved seats.

Living Impulsively

While some people enjoy spontaneity, Simone took impulsive decisions to an entirely new level. Smitten by a fairground worker named Don Ross, Simone agreed to marry him within a year of dating. Ultimately, she realized that he was not right for her, especially given how clingy her new husband was, breaking up with him almost immediately after tying the knot.

The Jet-Setter

Given that many in the music industry refused to work with Simone due to her political activism, the soul singer decided to move to Barbados to start anew. She later decided to head to Liberia, however, this involved her leaving her young daughter in the care of her father and friends, making her jet-setting lifestyle questionable.

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