Strange Customs of The Roman Empire

One of the mightiest empires in human history, the Roman Empire is celebrated for many achievements, from sports to military strategy and even laying the foundation of many modern legal systems around the world. Still, not everything that the Romans did is appreciated by modern society. Here are some of the strangest customs that the Roman Empire practiced.

Unique Fashion

While considered unappealing today, women in the Roman Empire would often grow unibrows. This is because they believed that unibrows made them appear more emotional, thereby boosting their attractiveness. No doubt, beauticians back in the Roman Empire weren’t as successful as they are today.

Dirty Laundry

Although the look and smell of urine are sure to put most of us off today, the ancient Romans were of a different opinion. Unbelievably, they would wash their clothes in urine due to the alkali that it contained.

Who Needs Soap?

Despite living in different times, the Romans were very particular when it came to maintaining their hygiene. Still, they didn’t see the need to wash with soap, instead drenching their skin in perfumed oils to keep smelling fresh.

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