The Dark Ages Were Not as Dark as You Might Think

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You will often hear people referring to Middle Ages as Dark Ages. This is because the Middle Ages are considered a period of violence and economic, intellectual, and cultural decline. But despite its perceived shortcomings, the Dark Ages were not as dark as you might think. Here is why.

Universities Originated in Middle Ages

Contrary to popular belief, education was important during the Middle Ages. This was when the universities were born, and the basis for institutions of higher education, as we know them today, was set.

Math and Science Was on the Rise

While scientific progress was slower in Europe during Middle Ages, the same can’t be said for Asia, specifically the Islamic world. There, huge advancements in math and science were made, including the introduction of algebra and trigonometry, the development of treatments for various diseases, and the evolution of cartography.

Progress Was Made in Agriculture

Agriculture saw significant progress in the Middle Ages. Various tools were developed, including a heavy plow that allowed the harnessing of fertile clay soil in Northern Europe. Up to that point, the majority of agricultural activity took place in South Europe, which featured light soil types.

Carolingian Renaissance Took Place

Carolingian Renaissance is a term used to describe advancements in art, architecture, and literature during Middle Ages. It was a result of the Carolingian dynasty’s support for cultural activity, and many believe it laid the foundation for the latter cultural rebirth during Renaissance in the 15th century.

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