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The FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest events in sports. It happens every four years, and only one country can win it. Since the World Cup’s inception in 1930, 76 national teams have participated in 21 tournaments. Only 13 managed to reach the finals, while just eight can claim they have been the world champions. But which country did it the most times?


Number of World Cup trophies: 4

Italy won the World Cup four times and finished second two times. Its most recent win came in 2006 when it beat France on penalties. Curiously, Italy’s national team didn’t get past the group stage in the following two tournaments and hasn’t appeared at the World Cup since 2014.


Number of World Cup trophies: 4

Germany has the same number of World Cup wins as Italy but has been to the finals eight times. The country won its fourth World Cup trophy in 2014 when it beat Argentina in extra time. They followed that up by failing to progress from the group stage at the 2018 World Cup.


Number of World Cup trophies: 6

Brazil is the country that mastered the World Cup, having won the tournament five times while also being runners-up two times. However, it has been a while since Brazil made some noise at the biggest soccer event in the world. Brazil won its most recent trophy in 2002 but hasn’t made it to the finals since.

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