Top 3 Longest Running U.S. Television Series Still Airing Today

Modern television has taught us that TV shows have an expiry date. Regardless of how popular a television series might be, it is bound to end at some point. However, there have been some exceptions to the rule. These are the longest-running U.S. television series that are still on air today.

Sesame Street

Premiered: November 10, 1969

Number of seasons: 54

The beloved children’s show Sesame Street has been around for 53 years and it doesn’t seem it will go away anytime soon. The show features puppet characters starring in a combination of comedy sketches, educational videos, and live-action programs. More than 4,600 episodes have aired since the show premiered in 1969.

Days of Our Lives

Premiered: November 8, 1965

Number of seasons: 59

Copying the popular formula of soap operas, Days of Our Lives centers on a family of doctors and follows the lives of its members, including their love affairs and professional dramas. The story originally focused on the Horton family, but many other families would go on to play a major part in the plot over the years. The series is familiar to fans of Friends, considering that the sitcom’s fictional character Joey Tribbiani had a role on Days of Our Lives.

General Hospital

Premiered: April 1, 1963

Number of seasons: 61

No other scripted television show in the U.S. can match the longevity of General Hospital. Remaining on air for more than six decades, the series has 15,000 episodes and counting. General Hospital, which holds the record for most Daytime Emmy Awards with 14, originally took place in a hospital in the fictional city of Port Charles and followed the everyday lives of its medical workers. Over time, the story shifted to following the lives of two families, the Quartermaine family and the Spencer family, and the intrigues revolving around them.

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