Top 5 Facts From Ancient History That Will Blow Your Mind

You can only learn as much about the ancient world and ancient civilizations in history classes. The truth is that textbooks only contain basics about this fascinating period of human history and often omit some mind-blowing facts. Now, one way to find out more about them is to dedicate your life to the research of ancient history. Another way is to continue scrolling.

Ancient Egyptians Invented Toothpaste

Toothpaste might seem like a modern thing, but they were actually around since Ancient Egypt. It is believed that Ancient Egyptians had some kind of toothpaste as early as 5000 BC. At the time, they used various ingredients like ox hooves ash, burnt eggshells, and pumice.

Mummification Started in Ancient South America

Speaking about Ancient Egyptians, did you know that they were not the ones who invented mummification? It turns out that Ancient South American civilizations were preserving the dead using mummification some 2000 years before them.

Ancient Mayans Tried to Mold Their Kids’ Heads in Corn Shape

Ancient Mayans were obsessed with corn, to say at least. They not only believed that humans were made of it but also used it as a measurement of beauty ideals. They would bind their kids’ heads with various contraptions in order to make them look like an ear of corn.

Ancient Romans Used Urine as Mouthwash

The mouthwash was a lot different in the ancient world than it is today. Ancient Romans used both animal and human urine as mouthwash, believing it would whiten their teeth and disinfect their mouth.

Nose Jobs Were Popular in Ancient India

Nose amputation was a popular punishment for many crimes in Ancient India. This is why it isn’t surprising that nose jobs, aka rhinoplasty, have been popular there since 600 BC.

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