Top 5 Most Impressive Winning Streaks in Sports History

We all love seeing our favorite team or athlete go on a winning streak. Despite knowing it can’t go on forever, we are glad to be part of the ride and hope they’ll continue it for just a little longer. Sports history has seen its fair share of winning streaks, but we decided to share with you the ones we think are the most impressive. So let’s go.

Jimmy Wilde, Boxing

Winning Streak: 103 fights

Wilde’s streak began with his first professional fight versus Les Williams in late 1910. He was undefeated for more than four years, pushing the winning streak to 103 fights before losing to Tancy Lee in early 1915. Considering how demanding boxing is, his ability to win more than 100 fights in such a short amount of time is something else.

UConn Huskies Women’s Team, Basketball

Winning Streak: 111 games

There is no team in college sports that had a more impressive run than UConn Huskies women’s team. It started with a 96–60 win over Creighton in 2014 and ended only in 2017 with a narrow 66-64 loss to Mississippi State.

De La Salle High School Football Team, Football

Winning Streak: 151 games

Imagine going undefeated for more than a decade. That’s what the De La Salle High School football team did between 1992 and 2004, winning 151 games in the process. The story about their feat was adapted into a movie, When the Game Stands Tall, starring Jim Caviezel.

Cael Sanderson, Wrestling

Winning Streak: 159 matches

Cael Sanderson wrestled in 159 official matches during his four years at Iowa State and won every one of them. The only reason why his winning streak ended was because he graduated.

Jahangir Khan, Squash

Winning Streak: 555 matches

The most impressive of all the winning streaks is the one put on by Pakistani squash legend Jahangir Khan. After defeating Geoff Hunt in a match in 1981, Khan went on win his next 554 matches. He was finally defeated in 1986 by Ross Norman.

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