Triboulet the Jester Slapped King Francis I and Lived to Tell the Story

Back in the old age, touching a king was punishable by death. However, one jester named Triboulet went a step further, slapping King Francis I, King of France, on the behind, and lived to tell the story. Here is how.

Triboulet served as a jester for King Francis I in the early 16th century. He was great at his job and was beloved on the court. However, in attempts to do his job the best he could, Triboulet would turn to some questionable pranks.

While he would often be pardoned for crossing the line in his comedic efforts, Triboulet once made a big mistake: he slapped King Francis I on the behind. Instead of finding it funny, the King felt insulted and ordered for the jester to be executed.

After some consideration, King Francis I changed his mind and decided to give Triboulet a chance to apologize and save his life.

“I’m so sorry, Your Majesty, but I didn’t recognize you. I mistook you for the Queen,” said Triboulet.

This only made the King even more furious, and he decided to proceed with the execution. However, thankful for all the laughs the jester brought him, he gave Triboulet a chance to choose the method of execution.

“I ask to die of old age,” Triboulet responded.

King Francis I was so impressed with the wits of his jester that he spared Triboulet’s life. The accounts of what happened next differ. Some say Triboulet was banished, while others indicate that he continued his service on the court.

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