3 Historical Houses Which Belonged to Famous Figures Which You Must Visit

If you’re a history fan, there is no better day trip than visiting an amazing historical building. The only thing that can improve this experience is if the building once belonged to a notable famous figure. This gives you the chance to imagine how the person lived in their house and a sense of what life was like in the times they lived in. Check out three of the best historical houses that once belonged to famous figures, each of these is definitely worth a visit.

William Shakespeare’s House, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

Considering that relatively little is known about England’s most famous author, it seems incredible that the house in which he was born and grew up in is still standing. The building is typically Tudor in design and has been left as authentic as possible inside. You will need to book your visit in advance, as this house is particularly popular with visitors.

Miguel de Cervantes’ House, Madrid, Spain

The childhood home of one of the masters of Spanish literature stands in a shaded square in Madrid. This house museum offers fascinating insight into Cervantes’ life, his writing, and his times. You can really get a sense of how people lived in Madrid in the 16th century by visiting this incredible home.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s House, Frankfurt, Germany

This stunning home in central Frankfurt was the birthplace and childhood home of Germany’s famous poet and writer, known as Goethe. The house museum displays authentic furnishings and paintings from the period and has operated as a museum celebrating the writer since 1863.

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