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Unbelievable Mysteries And Discoveries Surrounding the Egyptian Pyramids

Researchers initially believed that it probably took around 20 years for 20,000 people to build the largest pyramid. It was built around 2550 BC under the order of Pharaoh Khufu. Historians and other experts claim that the Egyptians only used wooden tools and ropes to build this kind of structure.

22 Surprising Facts About The Early Humans

Anna ButlerFebruary 6, 2022  Millions of years have passed since our ancestors roamed this earth, and we've learned much about them including archeological and anthropological...

16 Things You Did Not Expect about Sir Isaac Newton

During the last years of Sir Isaac Newton's long life in 1692-1693, people debated what Sir Isaac Newton had really done, especially amid reports that he had gone through a state of “madness”. Scholars and historians are curious about what’s been going on the genius’ head since the news of his death spread. His mental state had been a hot topic among geniuses all over the world. Some people assumed that Sir Isaac Newton had suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome as he had many symptoms for the condition.

The History and Legacy of Mary Queen of Scots

On December 8, 1542, a girl by the name of Mary Stuart was born, but history remembers her as Mary, Queen of Scots. Her parents were Mary of Guise from France and King James V. Soon after she was born, her father died and she inherited the crown at only six days old. Mary is most remembered for supposedly trying to steal the throne from Queen Elizabeth I, which ultimately led to her execution in 1587. However, Mary’s life was full of great tragedies and interesting facts. This woman accomplished a lot in the 44 years she lived, so read on to find out what made Mary, the Queen of Scots such an interesting historical figure.

Here Is a List of the 40 Meanest Celebrities in the Industry

Charlie Sheen was one of the richest actors in Hollywood until 2012, when he was fired from the set of Two and a Half Men because of his dreadful conduct. Sheen is known for being a selfish and misogynistic person. Indeed, in numerous interviews, he found interesting to educate us about tiger blood, named Rihanna the b-word and even made a list to rank his female associates on screen.

20 Of The Greatest Tag Teams In Wrestling History

Bookers and promoters say that investing in a tag team in the wrestling business is a double-edged sword. Whilst there is double the chance for success, there is also double the risk of failure! Perhaps this explains why the art of tag team wrestling in today’s landscape seems to be all but lost? There are of course some talented tag teams around today, but they rarely receive the same spotlight or push as their singles counterparts. So today we are taking the opportunity to shine a light on and discuss some of the greatest tag teams of ALL time.