3 Of The Greatest Discoveries Archaeologists Made in 2023

Throughout the past year, archaeologists and other scientists interested in the past have been working hard to reveal even more secrets that have been buried beneath the earth. Some of these discoveries hit major headlines around the world, while others keep a lower profile. This article discusses three of the most significant findings made in 2023.

San Casciano dei Bagni, Italy

Buried under the floor of an ancient temple, archaeologists have discovered a stash of hundreds of votive offerings, including clay, marble, and bronze figurines depicting men, women, and children. It is believed that these statues were buried as an act of worship, in response to a lightning bolt striking the temple. Many of the exquisitely preserved statues are on display in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

The Caretakers of Machu Picchu

The famous complex nestled on the side of the mountain was built for an Inca emperor, but now archaeologists are turning their attention to the remains of those who were buried just outside of the walls of Machu Picchu. It has long been assumed that these remains belong to the cooks, carpenters, cleaners, and caretakers who looked after Machu Picchu and ensured the emperor and his retinue had all they needed. Archaeologists have been surprised to discover that many of these workers came from all over the Inca Empire, demonstrating a level of technology and travel that was not previously known about.

Mesoamerican Relics

Archaeologists who are excavating Tenochtitlan, the ancient Aztec capital, have discovered a fascinating chest buried deep within the layers of one of the famous pyramid structures. These chests contain some anthropomorphic statues thought to be at least 1500 years old, as well as some votive offerings including sea shells, beads, and scepters. This chest will help archaeologists learn more about this mysterious culture.

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