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Here are the All the Players Who Held the NBA’s All-Time Scoring Record

The Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar LeBron James recently broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record for most points scored in NBA history to emerge as the league’s...

Top 3 Facts About World War II That You Didn’t Learn in School

World War II is by far the biggest and deadliest conflict in human history. More than 100 million soldiers took part from 30+ countries...

Top 3 Longest Running U.S. Television Series Still Airing Today

Modern television has taught us that TV shows have an expiry date. Regardless of how popular a television series might be, it is bound...

Top 3 Most Expensive Paintings of All Time

Art collectors have never hesitated to pay big sums for paintings, especially those painted by famous artists. The artworks are fetching hundreds of millions...

21 of the Greatest WWE Women’s Matches of All Time

Although they still had a long way to go, by 2016, WWE was finally presenting women’s wrestling more seriously. At WrestleMania 32, WWE legend Lita unveiled the brand new WWE Women’s Championship. The days of the Diva were over, well, for the most part. 

The Romanovs – Here’s What You Didn’t Know About the Last Tsar Family

The 19th century met a romantic end, meeting with the climatic change in technology and society. However, it was not as wonderful to the royal families who rule the world from palaces across Europe for they struggled to adapt. It was a time when the fall of a family was considered to be the end of an era of princes and princesses, and of castles and kings.