4 Facts About Alfred Hitchcock That Might Surprise You

Alfred Hitchcock is widely considered one of the most important figures in film history. The movies he directed influenced generations of directors and are still considered among the best ever made. If you are interested in learning more about Alfred Hitchcock, check out these facts that might surprise you.

Hitchcock Never Won an Academy Award

You would think that such a famous and respected director as Alfred Hitchcock has won several Academy Awards, the greatest accomplishment in film. But despite being nominated five times at the Oscars, Hitchcock never actually managed to win one. He only received the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, which is considered an “Honorary Oscar” in 1968.

Hitchcock Was Afraid of Eggs

Despite making more than a few scary movies, Hitchcock himself was afraid of many things, including eggs. In one interview, he said that eggs “revolt” him and that he never tasted one. His other fears included police and round objects.

Hitchcock Liked to Make Cameos in His Own Movies

Hitchcock liked to make cameos in his own movies. During his lifetime, he appeared on screen in 39 movies he directed, with most of his cameos taking place in the background for a split moment. 

Hitchcock Was Glad One of His Early Movies Was Lost

 In 1926, Hitchcock released the silent drama The Mountain Eagle, his second-ever as a director. However, all the copies of the movie have since been lost, and only a handful of still photos from the feature exist today. Hitchcock himself was very pleased because of this as he didn’t think the movie was any good.

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