3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Vikings

The Vikings have a reputation that has fascinated historians and enthusiasts for centuries. However, beyond their fierce raids and exploration, there are many lesser-known aspects of Viking culture that paint a more nuanced picture. Here are three intriguing facts about Vikings.

Vikings Were Skilled Craftsmen and Traders

While Vikings are famous for their pillaging, their skills as craftsmen and traders are often overlooked. Vikings were adept at crafting high-quality goods such as jewelry and weapons. These tools were used both domestically and as valuable trade items. 

Vikings Had a Democratic Tendency

Contrary to the typical image of a chaotic and barbaric lifestyle, Vikings had systems of governance that were remarkably democratic for their time. The Norse societies were organized around “Thing.” This was a general assembly in which all free men could participate. These assemblies allowed Vikings to make major decisions, settle disputes, and elect their leaders.

Hygiene Was Important in Viking Culture

The stereotype of the wild and dirty Viking is far from accurate. Archaeological finds and historical texts suggest that Vikings placed a high importance on personal hygiene. Combs, razors, tweezers, and ear cleaners made from animal bones and antlers have been commonly found at Viking sites, indicating that grooming was a significant part of their daily routine.

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