4 Interesting Facts About Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is one of the most famous leaders in modern history. He is credited for ending the Apartheid system of institutionalized racial segregation in South Africa and successfully transforming the country into a modern democracy as its president. Continue reading to find out some interesting facts about Nelson Mandela that you perhaps didn’t know before. 

Nelson Wasn’t Mandela’s Real Name

The name Nelson was given to Mandela by his teacher, who had a hard time pronouncing his real name, Rolihlahla. In the Xhosa tribe, to which Mandela belonged, Rolihlahla is used to describe a “troublemaker.”

Mandela’s Favorite Food Was Surprisingly Simple

During his time as President of South Africa, Mandela had the opportunity to sample the best dishes from all around the world. But this still didn’t change his opinion of his favorite food. Being a simple and humble man, Mandela enjoyed the traditional cuisine of his people, and his favorite dish was tripe, the edible stomach linings from farm animals. 

Mandela Had a Cameo in “Malcolm X”

Mandela had a cameo appearance in Spike Lee’s 1992 movie Malcolm X. He played the role of Soweto’s teacher, who appears at the end of the movie and recites Malcolm X’s famous speech.

Mandela Was a Big Fan of Sports

Mandela enjoyed sports and appreciated it beyond its entertainment function. According to Mandela, sport has the power to inspire and unite people. His favorite sport was boxing, not because he liked to see violence but because he was intrigued by the science behind it. 

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