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Top 5 Facts That Prove Neanderthals Were a Lot Smarter Than We Think

During early research about Neanderthals, scientists concluded that this extinct species of humans were primitive and unintelligent. Later on, as the understanding of Neanderthals...

Robert Burns’ Rare Book of Poems Goes on Display, Was Once Used to Clean Razors

Robert Burns is arguably the most celebrated Scottish poet and one of the most renowned figures in the world’s poetry. However, this didn’t stop...

Ibn Battuta is The World’s Greatest Explorer That You Don’t Know About

When talking about famous explorers, most people mention names like Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, and Vasco de Gama. But the one name you almost...

Actors and Actresses With Most Oscar Nominations in Academy Awards History

Although the Academy Awards recently had their fair share of controversy, receiving an Oscar is still considered the most significant achievement in the world...

The Top Three Offenses in NFL History

Thanks to the rules the NFL has implemented over the course of the last 20 years, football has increasingly become a game that’s focused on offense. One need only look at the increase in scoring league average per team over time: 23.3 in 2018/19 season, vs a high of 21.5 between 1990 to 2001.

Ranked: The Worst Contracts in NBA History

Giving big-time deals to players has always been a risky move for NBA teams. When a player signs a contract, they are almost always guaranteed a salary – whether they actually perform well or not. No matter how well you research, plan, and carefully select players to ensure the deals work out, the team is strong, and returns are generated, there are always some ballers who turn out to be completely undeserving of the amount they’re being paid.