4 Interesting Facts About the Life of Johannes Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer is one of the most celebrated painters in history due to his exceptional technique and limited opus. Vermeer has been widely disregarded as an artist during his lifetime in the 17th century before a reassessment of his work, which includes Girl with a Pearl Earring, 200 years later. Continue reading to find out some interesting facts about his life.

Vermeer Spent His Entire Life in the City of Delft

Most famous artists have been known to move around, looking for inspiration and better conditions for their creative practice. However, Vermeer spent his entire life living in the Dutch city of Delft. As a matter of fact, after moving into his mother-in-law’s house at the age of 21, he remained living there for 22 years until his death.

Vermeer Worked as an Innkeeper and Art Dealer

Vermeer’s father operated two inns while also being a renowned art dealer. After his father’s death, Vermeer inherited both businesses. This caused Vermeer to have less time for his painting, which resulted in his limited opus.

Vermeer Had 15 Children

Vermeer married his wife Catharina Bolnes, daughter of the wealthy Gouda Thins family, in 1653. The two had 15 children together, with four of them unfortunately dying at a very young age.

Vermeer Died in Debt

At the time of his death in 1675, Vermeer was in large debt due to his unprofitable inkeeping business and the crash of the art market at the time. His wife needed to pay off most of his debt by selling his paintings, while his belongings were auctioned off.

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