4 Myths People Still Believe About Rasputin

Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin is one of the most intriguing figures in Russian history. A friend of Nicholas II, the last Emperor of Russia, Rasputin was believed to have had a big influence on the royal family, which eventually led a group of Russian noblemen to orchestrate his assassination. While Rasputin undoubtedly led a controversial life, his story is also full of various myths that have been based on rumors or were simply a product of hearsay. Today, we are looking at some myths people still believe about Rasputin but shouldn’t.

Rasputin Was a German Spy

Members of the Russian elite who were displeased with Rasputin’s influence spread the story that he was a German spy who intentionally gave wrong advice to the Emperor and shared state secrets. However, there is no mention of Rasputin in that regard in German archives, while the British Secret Service, which kept a close eye on Rasputin, also found no evidence of that.

British Secret Service Plotted the Assassination of Rasputin

Speaking about the British Secret Service, there is a myth that they were involved in the assassination of Rasputin. The British supposedly feared that Rasputin might convince Nicholas II to withdraw from World War I and significantly weaken the Allied Powers. But based on the accounts, historical records, and research by Russian historians, the Britons didn’t have any role in Rasputin’s assassination, which was completely plotted by the members of the Russian elite led by Prince Felix Yusupov.

Rasputin Was a Monk

Oftentimes, Rasputin is described as a monk. However, he never had any official position with the Russian Orthodox Church, and there is no record of him being ordained. He did show great interest in religion and took pilgrimage to holy sites in his youth.

Rasputin Was a Lover of the Russian Queen

The myth about Rasputin having an affair with Empress Alexandra is so popular that it even made it into the lyrics of the famous Boney M song. Still, the truth is that there was no evidence that could back up this myth. Rasputin was a friend of the Empress and served as her spiritual guide, but likely nothing more than that.

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