Whisky War Was the Most Peaceful War in History

If there is a war that can be called “peaceful”, it is the Whisky War between Denmark and Canada. It lasted almost 50 years, didn’t have any casualties, and produced all sorts of humorous moments.

Origins of Whiskey War

Whiskey War started in 1973 with Denmark and Canada making claims on uninhabited Hans Island in the high Arctic region. Denmark claimed the island belonged to them because it represented a key fishing location for their indigenous populations. Canada, on the other hand, claimed the island as theirs as part of the 19th-century agreement that saw them purchase the land previously owned by Hudson’s Bay Company.

How Was it Fought?

The funny part of the Whiskey War is that both countries took a light-hearted approach to it and that it was “fought” in good nature. In 1984, Canadian soldiers visited Hans Island, planting a Canadian flag and leaving a bottle of Canadian whisky. Denmark responded by planting a Danish flag and leaving a bottle of Schnapps.

In the following decades, the countries took turns planting their flags and exchanging bottles of alcoholic drinks. They also ran promotional campaigns on Google, with each claiming the island as theirs.

End of the War

Denmark and Canada agreed to try and find a resolution to the “conflict” in 2005. Considering it wasn’t a pressing issue for either country, they needed a further 17 years to end it. In 2022, the countries agreed to divide the island between them and place a border across it, leading to a peaceful resolution.    

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