5 Fun Facts About “Braveheart”

Braveheart is considered one of the best epic historical movies to ever grace the big screen. Directed by and starring Mel Gibson, the movie follows Scottish warrior Sir William Wallace as he leads his people in the First War of Scottish Independence against England. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, stop everything that you’re doing and go watch it. If you have, continue reading to find out some fun facts about Braveheart.

Braveheart Was Filmed in Ireland

Despite being set in Scotland, the movie was almost entirely filmed in Ireland. One of the rare filming locations in Scotland was Glen Nevis valley, which dubbed as William Wallace’s village.

Scots Didn’t Like the Portrayal of Robert the Bruce

The movie isn’t kind in its portrayal of Robert the Bruce, the King of Scots. This rubbed many Scots the wrong way, considering that Robert the Bruce is viewed as a national hero and attributed a large role in the First War of Scottish Independence.

Jason Patric Almost Played William Wallace

Mel Gibson initially didn’t want to play William Wallace because he thought he was too old for the part. Instead, he envisioned Jason Patric, who is known for his role in the cult classic The Lost Boys, for the role. However, the studio executives stepped in and convinced Gibson to change his mind.

Scriptwriter Randall Wallace Did Historical Research After Writing the Movie

Scriptwriter Randall Wallace had an unusual approach to writing the movie. He wrote the script after learning the story about Sir William Wallace but didn’t do any extensive historical research. That only came after the script was finished, as Wallace wanted to focus on the “drama” part of the story.

Sean Connery Helped Mel Gibson With a Scottish Accent

In order to nail down the Scottish accent, Mel Gibson turned to famous Scottish actor Sean Connery for help. However, it turned out that Connery’s lessons weren’t efficient, as many believed Gibson’s Scottish accent was rather unconvincing.

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