5 Quick Facts About the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, is one of the most recognizable buildings in the whole world. But despite this, there are plenty of facts about it that most people don’t know. Let’s check them out.

Eiffel Tower Supposed to Be a Temporary Structure

The Eiffel Tower was built for the Paris World’s Fair in 1889, with plans to demolish it later. However, it quickly became popular among locals and tourists, causing those plans to be abandoned.

The Eiffel Tower Was Once the Tallest Building in the World

After being completed, the Eiffel Tower was the tallest building in the world at 1,024 feet. It has since lost that title but still remains the tallest building in Paris at 1,083 feet following the addition of an antenna.

Gustave Eiffel Didn’t Design the Eiffel Tower

While it carries his name, Gustave Eiffel isn’t the designer of the Eiffel Tower. Instead, he was the owner of the company that built it. The company’s structural engineers, Maurice Koechlin and Émile Nouguier, collaborated with architect Stephen Sauvestre to come up with the design.

Eiffel Tower Has a Secret Apartment

While building the Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel included a secret private apartment, which he later occasionally used. Nowadays, the apartment is a replica of his office and is accessible to the public.

The Eiffel Tower Can Only Be Painted By Hand

The Eiffel Tower receives a new paint job every seven years. The interesting thing is that it can only be painted by hand, with the job being performed by 50 painters who use up around 60 tons of paint.

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