4 Interesting Facts About Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was a primary author of the Declaration of Independence, one of the Founding Fathers, and the third president of the United States. During his presidency, he was lauded for his tolerance policy and acquisition of Louisiana territory from France. But while you probably already know all of these, you might not be familiar with some other interesting facts about Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson Inspired a Style of Architecture

Thomas Jefferson was a self-taught architect who designed buildings of the University of Virginia and the Virginia State Capitol. His designs, which were greatly influenced by Renaissance architects and Neo-Classicism, inspired a new architectural style known as Jeffersonian architecture.

Jefferson Was an Avid Reader

Thomas Jefferson was an avid reader and compiled an impressive personal library during his life. After retiring, he sold his book collection, which contained approximately 6,500 volumes, to the Library of Congress.

Jefferson Owned Two Vineyards

In 1784, Thomas Jefferson was appointed as Minister to France. During his time in the country, he developed a keen liking for French wine. This prompted him to build two vineyards at his Monticello estate and serve as an advocate for wine.

Jefferson Once Went on a Hunger Strike

After the British blocked the Boston Harbor following the events of the Boston Tea Party, Thomas Jefferson went on a day-long hunger strike and encouraged others to join him. The act was meant to show support for the citizens of Boston and encourage Virginia citizens to stand alongside their compatriots in Massachusetts.

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