4 Interesting Facts About Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is best known as the Founding Father of the United States and editor of the original draft of the Declaration of Independence. But beyond that, he was also an accomplished scientist, inventor, and writer who was considered one of the most respected intellectuals of his time. If you want to learn more about Benjamin Franklin and his life, check out these interesting facts below. 

Benjamin Franklin Only Had 2 Years of Formal Education

While growing up, Benjamin Franklin attended a year of grammar school and received a year of education from a private teacher. He finished his formal education at the age of 10 after those two years. However, that didn’t stop him from becoming one of the brightest minds of his time.

Benjamin Franklin Once Posed as a Middle-Aged Widow

When Benjamin Franklin was 15, his brother James founded the newspaper New England Courant. Franklin wanted to write for the newspaper, but James refused. This prompted Franklin to start submitting letters as a middle-aged widow, Silence Dogood, which were published and became quite popular among readers. After Dogood received more than a few marriage proposals, Franklin revealed his true identity.

Benjamin Franklin Invented Glass Harmonica

Benjamin Franklin had a keen interest in music. After attending a concert and being captivated by the sound of rubbing fingers around the rim of a glass, he set on to create a musical instrument based on the same principle and ended up inventing a glass harmonica. The instrument became so popular that famous composers like Beethoven and Mozart composed musical pieces for it.

Benjamin Franklin Retired at 42

After building a successful printing and publishing business, Benjamin Franklin achieved great wealth that allowed him to retire at the age of 42. He devoted the rest of his life to science and representing the United States as a statesman and diplomat.

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