High-Octane Facts About Formula 1 Legend Ayrton Senna

Winning 41 Grand Prix titles and setting a record 65 pole positions, Brazilian Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna was a special talent. A courageous driver who took numerous risks on the track, it was this bravery that tragically took his life. Here are some of the most high-octane facts about Ayrton Senna’s thrilling career.

Something’s Missing

Senna was always a risk-taker. At 21 years of age, he decided to drop out of university and head to England to pursue a career in racing. Still, people in England insisted that Senna would not be able to become a driver if he didn’t have a wife to support him. He thus decided to marry his childhood sweetheart, Lilian de Vasconcelos Souza.

Never Meet Your Heroes

Brazilian Formula 1 champion Nelson Piquet was a role model to Senna. Upon meeting him, however, Senna was disappointed after his hero snubbed him. The pair became rivals, with Piquet even launching a smear campaign against Senna. Still, Senna wasn’t about to take this lying down, instead choosing to respond via his performances on the track.

The Top of the World

At 28 years old, Senna was a member of the McLaren driving team. There, he was partnered with world champion Frenchman Alain Prost. While teammates, Senna knew that he wanted to beat Prost in his quest to become the world’s best driver. At 28 years old, Senna achieved this goal, beating his teammate during his first year with McLaren.

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