Archaeologists Discovered a Tomb Filled With Gold in Panama

A team of archaeologists recently discovered a tomb filled with gold during excavations in El Cano Archeological Park in Panama. The tomb is believed to have been built in 750 AD and likely belonged to a “great lord,” according to a statement released by Panama’s Ministry of Culture.

The tomb contains the skeleton of an “adult male of high status,” who was in his 30s when he died. The body was buried upside down, which was a common practice during this period. An undetermined number of other people, “previously sacrificed to serve as companions,” were also buried in the same tomb.

Archaeologists found various burial offerings, including ceramics and a large number of gold artifacts. pectorals, gold spherical bead belts, bracelets, human figure earrings, a crocodile earring, a small circular bead necklace, earrings elaborated with whale teeth with caps gold, a set of gold circular plates, two bells, bracelets, and a skirt crafted with dog teeth, and a set of bone flutes. According to the Ministry of Culture, found items have “incalculable historical and cultural value.”

El Cano, situated 100 miles from the capital Panama City, served as a burial compound in the pre-Hispanic period. It was built in 700 AD and abandoned in 1000 AD. The site contained monoliths, a cemetery, and a ceremonial area with wooden buildings.

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