Best TV Series About Ancient Rome You Should Watch Right Away

We know that television series don’t represent the best account of historical events. But they are still an entertaining watch and prompt viewers to dive into historical topics from more credible sources. That is especially the case with these best television series about ancient Rome you should watch right away.


HBO is known to do a great job with history-inspired TV shows, and critically acclaimed Rome is now different. The series is set in the first century BC and chronicles the transition of Ancient Rome into a Republic and Empire. It focuses on the story of two soldiers and shows key events from their perspective. It also features a number of characters based on real historical figures. The series had a run of two seasons and 22 episodes before being canceled due to high costs.

I, Claudius

Despite being produced in 1976 and having a run of just 12 episodes, I, Claudius is still considered a golden standard for historical dramas. The series chronicles the early history of the Roman Empire as told by Roman emperor Claudius. It is renowned for its writing and acting as well as its approach to storytelling.


Produced by Starz, Spartacus had a run of three seasons and received positive reviews from critics. It tells the story of the Thracian gladiator Spartacus, who in 73 BC organized a slave rebellion against the Roman Republic. A prequel miniseries titled Spartacus: Gods of the Arena was produced during the run of the original series while a sequel titled Spartacus: House of Ashur is currently in the works.

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