3 Interesting Stories About Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is widely regarded as one of the brightest and greatest composers of all time. Despite living a short life, he composed around 800 pieces, many of which are still being played today. There are plenty of interesting stories about Mozart’s work and life, so if you want to learn some of them, continue reading.

Mozart Toured the Europe as 7-Year-Old

Mozart’s musical talent was obvious from a very young age, and he wrote his first composition as a four-year-old. At the age of seven, Mozart embarked on a tour around Europe alongside his older sister, Maria Anna, and his parents. The tour lasted for almost four years and saw the family perform at royal courts and notable music establishments.

Mozart Was Dismissed By His Employer in a Humiliating Way

In 1781, Mozart was serving as a court musician for Hieronymus von Colloredo, Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg. However, his time at the court was marked with frequent absences and inappropriate behavior. This led Colloredo to dismiss the famous composer in a quite humiliating way. According to Mozart himself, Colloredo insulted him while the Archbishop’s steward, Count Arco, threw him out of the palace by giving him “a kick up the backside.”

Mozart Married a Sister of a Woman He Proposed

In 1777, 21-year-old Mozart met opera singer Aloysia Weber and fell in love with her. Mozart ended up proposing to Weber, who told him she would consider it. The two met again several months later, at which point Weber pretended she didn’t know Mozart. In 1781, Mozart crossed paths with the Weber family again, with Aloysia’s sister Constanze catching his eye this time. Mozart and Constanze married a year later and remained together until the composer’s death in 1791.

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