Can You Guess the Oldest Board Games in the World?

Board games have been a source of entertainment and friendly competition for millennia. They transcend cultures and languages, bringing people together for a shared experience. But how far back do these games go?  Let’s explore some of the oldest board games in the world!

The Royal Game of Ur (Mesopotamia, c. 4600 BCE)

This game, unearthed from the royal tombs of Ur, holds the title of the oldest playable board game.  Players race their pieces around the board using dice, and some squares even hold special meanings for fortune-telling!  Thanks to a cuneiform tablet inscription deciphered in the 18th century, we can even understand the rules!

Senet (Predynastic Egypt, c. 3500 BCE) 

Images of Senet have been found on the walls of tombs in ancient Egypt, suggesting it was a popular pastime. The exact rules remain a bit of a mystery, but it likely involved moving pieces along a grid-like board and possibly even had a spiritual significance.

Go (China, c. 2500-4000 BCE)

This strategy game, also known as Weiqi, is still played worldwide today. Simple in its concept, with black and white stones placed on a grid, Go includes a surprising depth of strategy and is considered one of the oldest abstract strategy games still in existence.

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