Disturbing Facts About Ancient Egypt That Will Have Questioning This Civilization

From the wonders of the pyramids to iconic pharaohs whose names are still remembered today, Ancient Egypt was truly a land of intrigue. Still, there were many dirty secrets beneath the surface that will have you questioning how decent this society truly was. Here are some of the most disturbing facts about Ancient Egypt.

The Boy King

While the concept of young rulers is commonplace, Egypt took this to the extreme when Pepi II became pharaoh at just six years of age. Much like one would expect, he was an immature ruler, and when an explorer told him about a pygmy he encountered, Pepi ordered him to bring the pygmy to his palace to dance for him. Pepi also ordered his slaves to strip naked and cover themselves in honey due to his disdain for flies.

No Escape

Underneath Hawara is the mysterious Labyrinth of Egypt. For centuries, explorers searched for this site, finally uncovering it in 2008. What was particularly creepy about this labyrinth was that it consisted of rooms with meters-thick walls and no openings. Who knows what these strange prisons were used for in ancient times.

Church And States

While many modern people advocate for a separation of church and state when it comes to governance, this certainly wasn’t the case in Ancient Egypt. Not only was the church and state ruled by a single organization, but a single person. Called the Lord of the Two Lands, the pharaoh would collect taxes, make laws, and build temples and lead religious ceremonies. This truly made the pharaoh the supreme ruler.

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