Facts About the Fearsome Viking Ragnar Lothbrok

A Swedish and Danish king who overthrew his own uncle, Ragnar Lothbrok was one of the most fearsome Vikings to ever walk the face of the earth. One of the most famous raiders across the British Isles and the Frankish Empire, here are some thrilling facts about the notorious 9th-century Viking known as Ragnar Lothbrok.

Winning His Wife

A powerful earl decided to give his daughter, Thora, a snake as a gift. Unfortunately, the viper grew up to become a deadly beast. As it terrorized the land, the earl became so desperate that he offered his daughter’s hand in marriage to whoever could kill the snake. Once Ragnar slayed the serpent, he earned a new wife.


While Ragnar had three wives, he had a son named Ubbe with another woman. Although he grew up to become a fearsome warrior who led the Great Heathen Army in its conquest of England, Ubbe reportedly had a disloyal side. After he and his grandfather Esbjørn once tried to rise up against Ragnar, the mighty warrior brought down the law of the land on his disloyal son, teaching him a tough lesson.

Tough Tests

Many Viking leaders would send their sons on daring missions far away in order to prevent them from uprising or betraying them. Ragnar was no exception. He sent his son, Bjorn Ironside, to raid and pillage villages and cities across Europe, with the young warrior making it as far as the Mediterranean.

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