Facts About the Four-Legged Woman Myrtle Corbin

Sometimes, people are born with differences that make them different from most. In 1868, a girl named Myrtle Corbin was born in Tennessee with four legs. Understandably, this meant that Myrtle was destined for a challenging life. Here are some shocking facts about the lift of the four-legged woman known as Myrtle Corbin.

Questions Since Birth

While people would surely have been shocked to see a girl born with two of everything on the lower end of her body, this wasn’t the only questionable topic surrounding Myrtle’s birth. Doctors noted that her parents had a major resemblance, with blue eyes, fair complexions, and the same auburn hair. Suddenly, they wondered whether her parents were not too distant relatives.


Myrtle’s parents were impoverished. What’s more, her father, who was a soldier, sustained injuries that rendered him unable to do labor and earn an income. Unfortunately, Myrtle’s parents viewed her as a cash cow, putting her on display for the neighbors to see in exchange for an entrance fee. When everyone had seen her, the parents took the four-legged child to fairs and eventually put her in a circus.

Settling Down

After being a performer for years, and an adult Myrtle decided to step away from the public eye. Soon after, the then-married Myrtle fell pregnant. Unfortunately, fertility was challenging for her, giving birth seven times with only four children living beyond infancy. Fortunately, she was able to overcome her challenges and become a dedicated wife and mother, proving to be resilient in the face of adversity.

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