Innovative Facts About the Advanced Society of Ancient India

From yoga to the Kama Sutra and ancient practices of Hinduism, India is one of the oldest civilizations in human history. Still, it also happens to be one of the most advanced, contributing to many privileges we enjoy today. Here are some of the most innovative facts about the advanced society of ancient India.


If there’s one thing that determines the effectiveness of an engineering feat, it is its longevity. In the second century AD, Indian engineers built the Kallanai Dam. The fourth-oldest water diversion structure in the world, the Kallanai Dam continues to be in use today.

Equality for All

Sadly, oppressive practices such as slavery were very much commonplace in many parts of the ancient world. Not in India, though. This sprawling South Asian country was one of the few places where all people were free.

Female Empowerment

While women have been relegated to certain jobs and topics of discussion at different points in history, women could make all of their own choices in Ancient India. What’s more, many of them could select their own husbands from an eligible pool of bachelors.


When it came to mathematics, the ancient Indians were pioneers. Among the many mathematical concepts they invented were algebra, calculus, the decimal system, the number zero, and the value of pi.

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