Intriguing Facts About DNA That May Change Your View on Genetics

Whether you’re interested in finding out your likelihood of getting certain diseases or want to learn more about your ancestry, your DNA holds the answer. Here are some interesting facts about DNA as well as DNA research that may change the way you view this crucial scientific field.

Recent Discoveries

While the sketch of a human genome may be widely known, appearing in school textbooks across the world, you may be surprised to learn how recently this image was first constructed. The first complete “map” of the human genome was completed in 2,000, making this a very recent development in scientific terms.

Spoiled for Choice

While this is not a proven fact, mass fears have sprung about DNA research eventually allowing parents to choose the features they want their babies to have before they are born, including hair and eye color. Ultimately, this appears to be an old wive’s tale, at least until further notice.

The Unbreakable Code

While human genomes are microscopic, they contain a seemingly endless code. In fact, it’s estimated that in order to type out one human genome, it would take you 50 years to type it out at a rate of 60 words per minute.

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