Intriguing Facts About Leonardo Da Vinci

From engineering and architecture to science and even painting, Leonardo Da Vinci was arguably the world’s most famous jack of all trades. Naturally, in his journey to becoming so multitalented, Da Vinci lived a life that was different from most. Here are some of the most intriguing facts about the life of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Lack of Education

With such a broad knowledge base, one would have expected Da Vinci to be some sort of scholar. Unbelievably, he didn’t even receive a formal education. While he was taught to read, write, and do mathematics, he never attended a single day of school in his life.

An Unholy Hobby

Ever curious, Da Vinci was passionate about developing a better understanding of the world around him, including anatomy. In order to better his biological understanding, Da Vinci would dissect human corpses as well as those of animals. This research led to his famous anatomical drawings from the 1480s.

A Second Masterpiece?

If there’s one artwork that Da Vinci is universally known for, it’s the Mona Lisa. Still, he may have had an even more famous painting if history had panned out differently. In the late 1400s, Da Vinci was commissioned to create a sculpture of the Duke of Milan’s father on horseback. Unfortunately, the 20-foot masterpiece was destroyed in 1499 when Milan was invaded by the French army.

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