Intriguing Facts About The Ancient City of Troy

When it comes to conflicts in the ancient world, few are more widely known than the Trojan War. Whether it’s tales of the mythical Trojan Horse or the historical fighting between the invading Greek forces and the City of Troy, this ancient city in modern-day Turkey is certainly a site of historical significance. Here are some intriguing facts about the city of Troy that you may not have heard before.

There Were Multiple Troys

According to archaeological research, a site in northwest Turkey called Hisarlik is the place where Troy once stood. Still, archaeological evidence has shown that more than one city stood in this location, with inhabitants rebuilding the city after each time that it was destroyed. In 1873, a cache of swords and spears was discovered at the site, which archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann believed to be from King Priam, who led Troy during the Trojan War. Ultimately, it was determined that this cache came from a time period before Priam, during a previous Troy.

King Priam’s Treasure Was Only Rediscovered in 1994

Following Schliemann’s excitement over his discovery in 1873, it took over a century to locate the actual treasures of King Priam. In 1994, it was found that the treasure was stored in the numismatic department of the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, Russia. It turned out that the Russians had smuggled these treasures out of Germany during World War II, where they had been stored after Schliemann discovered them in Turkey.

Some Escaped The Trojan War

While it’s well known that King Priam was killed on an altar dedicated to Zeus as Troy was sacked, what seems to have been forgotten by the history books is that several Trojans were able to escape the city during the war and thereby save themselves. What’s more, it’s rumored that the warrior Aeneas led the surviving Trojans to Crete and then Italy, where they played a role in founding Rome.

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